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Automobili Amos founders

Photo: Ted Gushue


Born in 2016 by the creative and entrepreneurial minds 
of Eugenio Amos and Carlo Borromeo, Automobili Amos shakes the international 
automotive scene with an uncompromising anti-standard attitude. The driving force behind it lies in the daring dream to conceive vehicles that bear the heart 
and soul of skilled professionals, united in building a mechanical ideal for hardcore enthusiasts.


  Automobili Amos

Photo: ClassicDriver.com


From its initial concept to its design, client-tailored personalization and 
on the road realness, the Futurista by Automobili Amos avoids the trends and law 
musts big companies abide by. Tradition, technology, passion and quality 
are fundamental, and meet to create instant contemporary classics with a retro-informed vision that’s unique in the sports car world.

The result is a limited number of vehicles 
that will do nothing less than what you’d expect them to do: entertain you while doing their cool car thing. If you get it, that is.


GP Ice Race

Photo: Penfold


The automotive passion that moves Eugenio isn’t a casual affair and was 
fueled by his family history. The professional tools brand USAG, founded in 1926 by 
his great-grandfather Hermann Amos, lead to the development of sponsorship relations with MotoGP and Formula 1 championships, nurturing Eugenio’s future carrier 
as a pilot and his participation in the likes of SPA 24 Hours, 24 Hours of Daytona, 
Dakar Rally, FIA World Endurance Championship as well as the Lamborghini Blancpain 
Super Trofeo.

These racing experiences shaped Eugenio’s car culture and engine 
know-how, bringing him to uncover an ultra-personal idea regarding what a sports car’s 
essential spirit should express, also transforming him into a popular automotive style icon 
and collector.


Eugenio Amos


Carlo, on the other hand, cultivated his automotive inclinations by pursuing a career in 
design, starting out at the Seat Style Center lead by Walter de Silva in Barcelona in 2002, 
then earning a bachelor’s degree in Product Design at the Academy of Art in San Francisco 
before going onto work alongside Giugiaro at Italdesign in Turin. 
As the founder and Creative Director of both BorromeodeSilva in 2010 and Garage Italia 
Customs in 2015 in partnership with Lapo Elkann, Carlo’s design drive now also embodies 
the ambition to research and elaborate small, curated and highly-customized Italian 
car productions.

Basically, if you throw these two into a room, they’ll most certainly come up with something. 
Oh, wait. They already did.


Together, Eugenio and Carlo founded Automobili Amos with the idea of initiating 
an all-Italian restomod re/action. On a conservative but modern 
mission to enhance 80s rally big shot, the Lancia Delta Integrale, 
they used today’s technology and mechanical engineering to unleash its 
outstanding past while embracing the freedom of a futuristic 

Individually, Eugenio, ‘the visionary guy’, detains authorship of all projects, supervising 
them from A-to-Z and injecting them with his very own version of the 
automotive universe. He also manages relations with the press, the partners and the 
potential suppliers he deems suitable to ride along. Carlo, the creative counterpart, 
and his studio BorromeodeSilva, curate the design by interpreting 
Eugenio’s ideas to make them happen. For real.


Crafting the Futurista